Prelude to Vegan MoFo 2012!

Today I just want to talk a little more about the challenge I’ve chosen (Turn Betty Crocker Into a Vegan) and wax nostalgic.

I grew up with this Betty Crocker Cookbook.

betty crocker

My mom used it a lot. When our Abyssinian cat turned 2, she made the cat-shaped birthday cake for her. The chocolate frosting recipe graced that cake and many other cakes of my growing-up years. I remember eating warm apple crisp with ice cream and chowing down on delicious, flaky pie crusts (my mom makes amazing pies). These are all things I still make out of this book on a regular basis, only veganised.

Outside of actually eating things from this cookbook, many many happy hours of my childhood I remember simply perusing the cookbook and looking at all the pictures, the colour schemes of which were beginning to be dated even then, and mocking the copy on the back (the cookbook for a new you!). My dad used to analyse Betty’s matronly portrait on the back of the book as well, expostulating on how there was something there for everyone: “well-done hair to appeal women and grandmothers, and big lips to appeal to the men”*.

Betty Crocker 1970s

This is the Betty on my mom’s cookbook.

When I left home or maybe shortly before, my mom bought me a copy of my own (same year), and that was really special.

The problem is that since I’ve gone plant-based there’s not really a lot in this book that’s remotely useful to me, and even if it is vegan, there’s often a lot more fat and salt than I’m okay with using in a supposedly healthy dish.**

My goal is to present to you, over this coming month, 20-24 recipes that have been adjusted to be healthier and minus animal products. I plan to use a majority of practical, easily-accessible ingredients, and only one of the recipes is maybe going to involve tofu, because it’s totally possible to not use that much tofu in a vegan diet, contrary to popular omnivore opinion.

This is going to be fun, and it is my hope that what I have to share will be of particular help to new vegans or people who haven’t had a ton of experience yet with cooking, or maybe people who just want some healthy recipes or ideas for Meatless Monday. So, I’ll see you back here in a few days and the fun will begin.


*I was kind of sad that the copy I have, though the same year, has a different portrait of Betty on it than my mom’s. The Betty on mine is much more timeless and therefore less interesting.

**For instance, the recipe for cobbler, which is primarily white flour, shortening, and sugared fruit, is touted as a healthy way of getting your servings of bread and fruit. Hmm. Not in my house. Let’s not try to pretend that desserts are supposed to be healthy.

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