Vegan Mofo #2: Bright Bean Salad

In order to make this recipe, I first had to go out to my garden and pluck a carrot from the loving bosom of the earth.

weird blobby carrot thing

You really never know what the loving bosom of the earth is going to spit out at you, do you?

I reckoned that this weird blobby carrot thing was probably mostly equivalent to one medium carrot. So I chopped it up. Also while I was out in the garden I picked some parsley. Since I had Lou Who in one arm and the weird blobby carrot thing in my free hand, GooGoo helped by carrying the parsley in the pockets of her new denim dress she’s so proud of that came from a slightly older daughter of my good friend Edda. (Okay, so really GooGoo’s just proud to wear anything that has pockets.)

And then I came back to the trailer and I mixed it all up. The original recipe called for some creamy herbed ranch dressing, and that seemed like too much work and I don’t really like dressing all that much anyway. So, if you want to use some sort of herbed vegan dressing or something like Vegenaise, have at it, but what I’ve done here is just used a little oil and the herbs you were supposed to add to the dressing. A little more healthy and a lot less slimy (to me). I also didn’t cook the beans; I thawed some we had frozen in hot water and called it good.

bright bean salad

The finished product.

This recipe was found on page 137 of the 1978 Betty Crocker cookbook.

1 medium carrot, finely chopped
1 9-oz package frozen green beans, cooked and drained
2 T chopped onion (try 1 tsp onion powder if you’re a raw onionphobe)
1/8 tsp salt
1 T olive oil
2 tsp snipped parsley
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/8 tsp dried thyme

Mix all ingredients. Cover and refrigerate at least 4 hours.

lemon juice water

For part of the four hours I waited I did actual stuff. For the rest of the four hours I sat here with other MoFo blogs and the PPK and a Tazo tea bottle full of the juice of one lemon, three drops of iodine, and cold water. It felt so earthy to gulp down pulpy fresh lemon juice and I’m sure a couple seeds, too.

Then lunchtime came and we had the bright bean salad with some soup and chickpea cutlets. Our verdict: it was just okay. The beans really should have been cooked, and I think that in itself would have improved it a lot. I think I’d probably use a sweeter onion next time too.

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo #2: Bright Bean Salad

  1. Carrot blobby thing should win a MoFo award for strangest thing to spring from the loving bosom of the earth.


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