I opened the window, and in flew Enza.

Two weeks ago today I was preparing to head north for a weekend with some friends, one of whom was having a baby shower. I felt really tired, lay down for a nap, and at some point after lunch, I became aware that I felt unnaturally cold. I cranked up the heater until it was 71 degrees in the house, and I was still cold. (Under normal circumstances I’d have been melting by this point. I like it cold.)


So, I figured I had a fever, and sure enough I did. It fluctuated between 99.5-102.3 from Wednesday afternoon on until I woke up Monday (the 4th) fever-free. On Friday I actually had to go to the ER for an IV because I was so dehydrated and could not seem to get enough water into me (my nose was so stuffed up that I had to breathe through my mouth and that’s the worst way to dry yourself out).

I don’t think I’ve ever had the flu before. I hope I never have it again. This was vicious and merciless to me. I was useless for days, barely able to get up to just go to the bathroom. Over the weekend my milk supply tanked and I struggled to keep Lou Who fed and hydrated. I got her to drink a couple small bottles of warm water with peppermint one night but the next night we had to get her some formula because I just had nothing for her.

That was really, really hard for me. I hadn’t wanted to start her on solids for maybe another month still and now I’ve had to introduce all kinds of foreign substances into her gut just to keep her fed. Was it necessary? Yes. I couldn’t let her starve. But that doesn’t mean I enjoyed having to do it. Formula’s first ingredient is corn syrup, after all, and without labelling we have no way to know it’s not GMO corn, and the soy probably is GMO too.

Thankfully she only had to have it a few times. She really hated it. There were a couple times she guzzled it down, but my guess is she finally got hungry enough that she took it. Most of what we made ended up down the drain wasted, unfortunately. One of my friends got me an herbal tincture and some fenugreek to take and it seems that they helped, because my supply is now back.

Lesson learned: I need to have a stash of pumped milk on hand. I intend to start putting up a stash as soon as I can find where I stuck my box of bags. (I put them in one of those so-obvious places that I’d surely remember.) I hope I’ll never have to fall back on the stash, but at least I’ll have it. If I don’t use it, I’ll give it away to someone who can. (Check out Human Milk for Human Babies, Oregon.)

Nothing like Instagram to document one's sickness in vintageous detail.

Nothing like Instagram to document one’s sickness in vintageous detail.

Anyway, it’s been a lousy 2 weeks, and I’m just now starting to get back on my feet. Kind people have brought us a lot of food to eat and this has really helped because Mr Pine Nut and then Lou Who both came down with this. Lou Who had the fever and the stuffy nose mostly; she seemed to remain fairly alert. GooGoo finally got the fever this Sunday, so we’ll see how she fares. Mr Pine Nut was out for a couple days but never seemed quite as close to death’s door as I felt. I hope next week I can have something foodie to share with you, but no promises.


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