Tiny Paper Bits

When I was five or thereabouts, I remember having scissors in one hand and a piece of (probably pink) construction paper in the other hand, and I skipped and pranced about the house snipping little bits of the paper off as I went, leaving a beautiful pink trail of Tiny Paper Bits in my wake.

Unfortunately, my mom was less impressed with my beautiful pink trail of Tiny Paper Bits, and with much weeping and wailing, I was compelled to clean up all the Tiny Paper Bits.

Today GooGoo decided that her new scissors from Grandma were really fun for cutting up the food ads. Instead of prancing, she sat in one spot, but the effect in a living space this small was about the same: Tiny Paper Bits.

Here's a nice action shot of her initial flinging about Tiny Paper Bits in a fit of rebellious rage

Here’s a nice action shot of her initial flinging about Tiny Paper Bits in a fit of rebellious rage

Interestingly, cleaning them up was a lot less fun than creating them. First I tried to bribe her with some chocolate. When she continued to flop on the floor and whine and wail about them, I told her she wouldn’t have the chocolate and we were going ahead with lunch and she could have lunch when she finished cleaning up the bits. She howled and hollered on the floor about WANNA TAKE A NAP and I NEED HELP and WANNA TAKE A NAP and WAAAAAAAAAAH. I started to count to three. On two she began to pick up more pieces.

Finally they were all cleaned up and she had lunch. She had rice and taco shells and even ate some tomatoes. A few hours have passed and as I look on the floor beside the bed where I’m sitting, I notice that a new batch of Tiny Paper Bits has materialised on the floor.

Hmm. The scissors may need to disappear for a while. In the meantime I’m going to pretend I don’t see the new batch of Tiny Paper Bits until later, because I don’t have much energy right now.


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2 thoughts on “Tiny Paper Bits

  1. Kids love paper don’t they?!
    In the clean-up stakes though, my least favourite thing is (cooked) rice. Ah, cleaning that up is painfully laborious!


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