5 Years

5 years have gone by already since I became Mrs Pine Nut.

On our first anniversary I was newly pregnant with GooGoo and so we had our one and only Actual Anniversary Day where we went out to eat and do something that actually cost money, like visit the Newport Aquarium. Then we walked on the beach in strong winds and pranced about on heaps of kelp.

Ever since then, we’ve had kidlets and I can only think of one time we were able to sneak out for a dinner together (not on our anniversary) and even then it was only because my mom happened to be visiting and someone had given us a gift card for Olive Garden.

One view of Dancing Oaks nursery

One view of Dancing Oaks nursery

We thought about going to the beach this past Sunday but it was raining at the coast and cold and I think the kids would have been miserable. So Mr Pine Nut and I went to Dancing Oaks Nursery instead. (Side note: it’s a gorgeous place. Last time we were there GooGoo almost drowned in one of the ponds, however.) To avoid further nearly drowning incidents, we left the girls with his mom, and we splurged on a burgundy native iris plant and some flowering thyme for my rock garden that is not really there yet, and some other ground covers he wanted. We are such big spenders.

Anyway, in honour of the past five years, here are some lists of 5.

5 Things We Did the Day We Met

  1. Walked (fully-clothed) on a (deserted) clothing-optional beach.
  2. Went from about 2pm to 3am without eating anything because we were too busy talking.
  3. Watched nerdy podcasts.
  4. Explored a wetlands reserve while an accompanying friend described her experience with Lasik to me.
  5. I stepped in a hole.
The wedding party. My bouquet was fake flowers from Walmart. Perpetually classy, that's me.

The wedding party. My bouquet was fake flowers from Walmart. Perpetually classy, that’s me.

5 Things About Our Wedding Day

  1. I wore a blue 1870s style dress and he wore a Civil War-ish uniform type suit.
  2. He had a best man and a groomswoman.
  3. We played “Storybook Love” to open our wedding service.
  4. The pastor who married us began the service by saying “Mawwaige is what bwings us here togevvah today.”
  5. My maid of honour and bridesmaid spent probably 5 times as long getting ready for the event as I did. I even had time to iron their clothes before I got dressed. πŸ™‚
Peeking around at Fort Clatsop

Peeking around at Fort Clatsop

5 Things About Our Honeymoon(s)

  1. We spent our wedding night at the Hallmark Resort in Cannon Beach because the beach house we had planned to use failed to leave the key where it was supposed to be and it was 11pm when we arrived.
  2. Our first honeymoon was along the northern coast of Oregon; our second was a couple months later in northeastern Pennsylvania.
  3. After failing (in PA) a second time to secure a hotel before midnight, we made a reservation for one close to the airport in Newark where we flew from to go back home, only to walk in and see a circular bed bedecked with twinkle lights, upholstered headboard, and ceiling mirrors. We do not have luck with hotels.
  4. I stood in Lake Erie in June. It was not scary at all.
  5. I also stood in the Pacific. Barefoot, in April, in Oregon.
Baxter Hotel, Bozeman, Montana.

Baxter Hotel, Bozeman, Montana.

5 Places We Have Been Together Since Then

  1. Bozeman, Montana
  2. Sequim, Washington
  3. Carson City, Nevada
  4. Cataldo, Idaho
  5. Bend, Oregon
Watching gardening videos together

Watching gardening videos together

5 Things I Am Thankful For in Our Marriage

  1. Our two precious little girls
  2. He watches gardening videos instead of (foot/base/basket) ball
  3. We work well together
  4. We have yet to get tired of always being together every day
  5. He doesn’t buy me stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day (or ever)

Here’s to the next 5 years.


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2 thoughts on “5 Years

  1. Happy anniversary! πŸ™‚


  2. Happy anniversary!!


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