Vegan Month of Food Intro: Layers of Goodness

Well, Vegan MoFo is once again upon us! I had lots of ideas about what to do as a theme, but some of them became too complicated when I sat down to actually write out a plan. And then I thought: LAYERS. One can layer almost anything. What could be easier and more variegated than that?

I think this is going to be loads of fun. So, here’s a rough idea of what you’ll be seeing here for the next four weeks:

Sundays will be whatever I want.

Mondays will be breakfast.

Tuesdays will be sandwiches.

Wednesdays will be a wildcard, because I had ideas that didn’t fit in my categories, or that were overflow, or… wait, I really don’t need to have a reason. Or to ‘splain.

Thursdays will be casseroles.

Fridays will be desserts.

And on Caturday, er, Saturday, photos of my cat will be unleashed on an unsuspecting internet, because the internet needs MOAR CAT PHOTOS. My cat may or may not write the posts to go along with the photos. We’re still negotiating the details.

Kicking off tomorrow with Breakfast Bars! I’m not telling you anything else about them right now, so come back.


In the meantime, because it’s Sunday and I get to post whatever I want, here’s a picture of Native Foods restaurant’s chicken run sandwich.


I went to the Portland location back in February because a friend took me there. (I’m too cheap to go out to eat on my own, for the most part.) However, it was a place I definitely want to go back to. This sandwich was fantastically fantastic. Everything they serve is vegan, the atmosphere is delightful, and it’s pretty much impossible to just pick one thing. We got a couple different desserts to split because they all looked amazing. And the “chicken” patty was so uncannily chickenlike that we were almost wary of eating it, except that it was so GOOD, and of course it wasn’t really chicken, but it was astoundingly like chicken, but it WASN’T.

So, to sum up, if you live within 3 hours of a Native Foods location, GO THERE posthaste, and get tasty food.

It’s nearly 11pm and this old lady is usually in bed around 9, so I think this post needs to stop now because I’m babbling incoherently now. I’m sure when I reread it in the morning I’ll cringe, but oh well.


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11 thoughts on “Vegan Month of Food Intro: Layers of Goodness

  1. Yay! Caturday! I’m very excited about your themes and I can’t believe you’ve posted a picture of one of my favourite ever burgers! Now I’m hungry again!!


  2. I love your ideas and am especially looking forward to the Friday. Have fun with MoFo!


  3. gaietygirl

    Yeah, I need to get fancier with my sandwiches…they all seem so blah compared to that!


    • I agree! I’m struggling still to come up with sandwich ideas for my Tuesdays. It’s hard to get creative with them for me! I usually just do cucumber, tomato, and hummus or something boring like that. Tasty, but boring.


  4. I’m rubbish at breakfasts so other people’s ideas are always good to see, and of course moar cats! The rest of your themes look good too, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else with a casserole theme yet.


    • Yeah, casseroles are something I struggle with, yet wish I had more in my arsenal! I like to take one-dish meals to potlucks so there’s always something I know I can eat… so I hope what I come up with will be helpful to someone!


  5. I’m counting the days until Caturday. The world most definitely needs more cat photos!

    The Chicken Run Ranch Burger is my husband’s favorite at Native Foods. My heart beats for their Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger. It’s so entirely decadent.

    I’m looking forward to following along with your blog this month! Happy MoFo-ing!


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