Journey to Éiden: Day 4

Early on Tuesday morning, I stepped out to get my cookie-making stuff from the car and the smell of winter in Idaho hit me: woodsmoke and frosty evergreens. Yes.

The girls in a rocking chair. One of them not so happy.

The girls in a rocking chair. One of them not so happy.

I had brought along all the pre-measured dry ingredients in bags for three different types of cookies. Out of those three I baked cowboy cookies while Edda’s mom made fried potatoes, tomato gravy, and eggs, and there was carrot juice, grapes, and apples. All delightful. Mr Pine Nut and Edda’s dad talked gardening and her mom and I talked music, and some other friends from the area showed up to say hi and chat a bit.

It was 10.15 when we started to dress the girls and load up, and then we talked in the driveway for a while. I had planned for us to be gone at 10, but it about 11 when we actually hit the road! It was fine, though. We don’t get to see these folks much. We filled the gas tank in Pinehurst, and were off to Montana.


When I first left Idaho in 1999, we headed east on 90. I’d never been further east than Mullan, and it was a move, not just a trip. I wasn’t coming back. The panic I experienced as we passed Mullan and headed for regions unknown was absolutely terrifying to me.

In 2011 I travelled through en route to a wedding and relived a tiny bit of that, but this time not at all.


First rest stop of the day! These two went to the bathroom and then had a little run.

First rest stop of the day! These two went to the bathroom and then had a little run.

It was three and a halfish hours until we got on 15 South. We stopped in the booming metropolis de Melrose, Montanner for gas and to switch drivers and allow one of our number to find a secluded spot amongst trees along a two-lane road that had a speed limit of 70/65 at night. Apparently Montanese want early death?


My hair=super dry and tangled and crackly. My lips=insanely chapped.

The sun hitting this mountain was so pretty.

The sun hitting this mountain was so pretty.

As was this burning sunset sky.

As was this burning sunset sky.

GooGoo singsonged a ton. Ever-da-day, ever-da-where, lights ever-da-where, this is our famwee—over and over and ooooover. She looked at her Eloise Wilkin treasury in the dark “reading” it. I think she also asked me about 5773 times if Aunty has a dog? Two dogs? Big dog and little dog? We going to Grandpa’s?


We ate supper at Subway in Idaho Falls. We took in fruit and flatbread for my sandwichphobic daughters while we had tasty veggie delite footlongs. Two dudes sitting a few tables away seemed fascinated by my girls. I wasn’t sure if they were friendly or creepy, but thankfully we never had to find out for sure one way or another. We got back on the road at 8.51pm.

We passed through Pocatello. Lit up at night it looked gigantic; I was suprised to learn it’s about the same population as Corvallis or Yakima.

Speed limit went from 75 to 80 as we crossed the border to Utah. Oy.

We arrived at my sister’s about midnight and went right to bed. What was a 9-hour drive according to Google Maps had ended up taking close to 13 hours with the stops we had to make!


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