Journey to Éiden: Day 5

Today. Today is the day you have been waiting for.

Well, maybe. Have you watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries? Do you understand what is meant by the phrase “DARCY DAY”? Well, if you haven’t and don’t, I’m currently deciding if I’m going to pull one of those on you. By the time I get to the end of the post, I’ll have decided. So read on.

This post is going to be pretty photo-heavy, by the way.

On the 30th, Wednesday, we left my sister’s at about 9 for Salt Lake City – Temple Square, particularly. I have been wanting to go there for some time because I have a historical interest in Mormons. Between my sister’s and SLC we counted 8 churches and 1 temple. 2 of those churches were right. next. to each other. 

We found The Temple with little difficulty, and found a parking place with a little more difficulty. But it gave us a pleasant walk down State Street enjoying the fabulous fall foliage and the large beautiful houses.




We detoured slightly through one park where a certain caretaker and his yellow gocart was busy caring for the park.

We found a place to cross the street where there weren’t a bunch of workmen working on the crosswalk. We went on to stroll in Brigham Young Historic Park where there was the PERFECT Jumping Off Things photo op, next to some black metal statuary of swimming boys, but that caretaker on his little yellow gocart was, like, right there. Boo. So we took some boring normal photos instead.



After that we went on toward The Temple. It wasn’t hard to spot. I scouted out a good jump spot, because I really really really REALLY wanted a Temple Jump Shot… and then guess who pulled up nearby in his yellow cart? You guessed it, our friend (or maybe stalker?) the caretaker.

I ambled about innocently, too chicken to jump in the presence of the caretaker, especially after having seen the sign about The Temple grounds being private property and bla bla bla. I took a photo for a girl who requested a shot of her in front of The Temple. Mr Pine Nut and I stood pressed right up against the locked double-layered gate and stared up at it. We observed all the fascinating symbols thereon.

(The above was patched together for me via Photomerge.)

The Man Who Communed With 'Jehovah' #necessaryquotes

The Man Who Communed With ‘Jehovah’ #necessaryquotes

A sweet smiling 50ish lady with white hair in a perfect bun came by with a rainbow umbrella under her arm. She had a tiny high voice and was very exuberant as she enquired whether I made my hat and she was SO glad to see us there enjoying Temple Square. Then she asked GooGoo if she knew what the flowers were planted by the gates and told her they were DAISIES! She talked about growing up with daisies and petunias and isn’t it wonderful how those memories come back? She moved on, leaving me contemplating the bed of daisies. I had never seen such purple, pansy-shaped daisies before. Hmm.




It was staring to mist a bit by the time we found an open access gate to actually approach The Temple. I had Mr Pine Nut take a photo of me on the temple steps and then it was time to hustle back to the car and be on our way. I took the wheel and it was off to Grand Junction, Colorado.

It was a beautiful day for the drive. Once we got out of SLC, which took forever, and there are like SEVEN LANES OF TRAFFIC, we saw red rocks, green rocks, striped rocks, dustings of snow, and fantastic cloudage. We got to our destination at 4.45, and Éiden and I met at last. She is gorgeous.

Then we went home, and tumbled into bed exhausted about 10.30.

Okay, out of time for now. More later!!


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